All Henry Inman 's Paintings
The Painting Names Are Sorted From A to Z

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82055 Eliphalet Nott  Eliphalet Nott   Eliphalet Nott, oil on canvas, 96 by 60 inches (240 cm x 150 cm); this is a cropped version of the larger painting, which now hangs in the Nott Memorial on Union's campus. Date 1839(1839) cjr
68816 Frances Kemble Butler  Frances Kemble Butler   Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 87 X 69 cm
71417 Frances Kemble Butler  Frances Kemble Butler   Date ca. 1834(1834) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 87 x 69 cm
66159 Mrs. Robert Lowden  Mrs. Robert Lowden   ca. 1840 Oil on panel 83 x 63.5 cm (32.68 x 25.00 in)
39745 News Boy  News Boy   mk151 1841
70889 Portrait of a Woman  Portrait of a Woman   ca. 1825(1825) Oil on panel 20.3 x 16.2 cm (7.99 x 6.38 in)