All Felix Ziem 's Paintings
The Painting Names Are Sorted From A to Z

Choice ID Image  Painting (From A to Z)       Details 
40083 Cairo Street  Cairo Street   mk155 1856-1860 oil on card 62x36cm
40086 Constantinople,Fantasy  Constantinople,Fantasy   mk155 undated Oil on canvas 68x117.5cm
11307 Marine Antwerp Gatewary to Flanders  Marine Antwerp Gatewary to Flanders   1855 Exposition Universelle 4' 5'' x 7' 1 3/4''(134.5 x 218 cm0
40088 Oriental Dancer  Oriental Dancer   mk155 between 1880 and 1890 Oil on wood 54x80cm
69299 Stamboul  Stamboul   Date Unknown Medium oil on canvas Dimensions ~70 X 30 cm
71503 Stamboul  Stamboul   Oil on canvas 70 x 30 cm (27.56 x 11.81 in)
72732 Stamboul  Stamboul   Dimensions ~70 X 30 cm (27.56 X 11.81 in) cyf
40085 Street in old caio  Street in old caio   mk155 undated Oil on canvas 112x68.5cm
40030 The Bosporus  The Bosporus   mk155 1883 Oil on canvas 53x70cm
61643 The Grand Canal in Venice,  The Grand Canal in Venice,   The Grand Canal in Venice, by F??lix Ziem (São Paulo Museum of Art).
40084 The Ramparts,Algiers  The Ramparts,Algiers   mk155 between 1860 and 1870 oil on card 28x44cm
40087 The Ramparts,Algiers  The Ramparts,Algiers   mk155 1858 Oil on wood 11x15cm
92712 Venetian Scene  Venetian Scene   oil on canvas Dimensions 21 3/4 x 29 13/16 in. (55.2 x 75.8 cm) cjr
22823 Venice with Doges'Palace at Sunrise (mk22)  Venice with Doges'Palace at Sunrise (mk22)   c 1885 Oil on canvas.72 x 101 cm Paris,Musee du Petit Palais
31104 Venise  Venise   mk71 Bois H.0.71 L.0.90 Musee d'Art etd'Industrie Andre Diligent ,de Roubaix
96212 View of Istanbul  View of Istanbul   oil on canvas Dimensions 69 X 113 cm cyf
96213 View of Istanbul  View of Istanbul   oil on canvas Dimensions 22 X 41 cm cyf